Media Formats to Use with Prezi - dummies

Media Formats to Use with Prezi

By Stephanie Diamond

Part of Prezi For Dummies Cheat Sheet

With Prezi, you have the opportunity to include a variety of media that to make your presentations really stand out from the usual boring slide shows. You can use custom video you have created, audio, or photos and sketches. There are no limits. Here’s a list of the media formats you can upload to Prezi:

  • Any image in a Vector, JPG, PNG or GIF format: Maximum size for an uploaded image is 2880 x 2880.

  • Text with a different font and color: Create text using a graphics program and upload it to Prezi.

  • Video: File formats in Flash — FLV or F4V are supported.

  • Audio: You need to convert your audio file into an FLV format.

  • Images, charts, spreadsheets, graphs and any content that can be converted to a PDF and uploaded to Prezi: For example, you can take an Excel spreadsheet and convert it to a PDF and upload it.

  • Digital images from stock photo sites, your own personal photos, and other photo sites.

  • Graphics and images you created from drawing software like Adobe Photoshop: Just convert them to PDFs first.

  • YouTube Videos: Cut and paste the URL of the video into a text box from the Write Bubble and the video will play within Prezi as long as you are connected to the Internet.