Manga Studio Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

Manga Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

By Doug Hills

Part of Manga Studio For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Manga Studio, like any worthwhile program, offers a number of keyboard shortcuts for drawing, editing, and generally creating your Manga stories or Western cartoons. The following tables group a number of the most useful shortcuts.

First up are the page shortcuts you use to zoom in and out and do other tasks on a page level:

Manga Studio Page Shortcuts
Command Shortcut Keys (Windows) Shortcut Keys (Mac)
Move Page Spacebar Spacebar
Rotate Page Shift+spacebar Shift+spacebar
Page Zoom Out Ctrl+- (number pad) Apple command+- (number pad)
Page Zoom In Ctrl++ (number pad) Apple command++ (number pad)
Fit Page to Window Ctrl+0 Apple command+0
Zoom Page to Actual Size Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero) Apple command+Option+0 (zero)
Zoom Page to Print Size Ctrl+Shift+0 (zero) Apple command+Shift+0 (zero)
New Layer Ctrl+Shift+N Apple command+Shift+N
Change Layer Type Ctrl+Alt+E Apple command+Option+E
Show/Hide Rulers Ctrl+R Apple command+R
Show/Hide Transparency Ctrl+4 Apple command+4

The tool shortcuts let you draw, undraw (or undo) as needed, and switch colors:

Manga Studio Tool Shortcuts
Tool Action Shortcut Keys (Windows) Shortcut Keys (Mac)
Undo Action Ctrl+Z Apple command+Z
Redo Action Ctrl+Y Apple command+Y
Increase Brush/Line Size ] ]
Decrease Brush/Line Size [ [
Draw Straight Line/Maintain Aspect Ratio for Shape Shift+drag Shift+drag
Switch to Black Color 4 4
Switch to White Color 5 5
Switch to Transparent Color 6 6
Switch to Tone 7 7

Selection shortcuts offer ways to manipulate a selected item:

Manga Studio Selection Shortcuts
Command Shortcut Keys (Windows) Shortcut Keys (Mac)
Select All Ctrl+A Apple command+A
Deselect All Ctrl+D Apple command+D
Invert Selection Ctrl+I Apple command+I
Convert Selection to Layer Ctrl+Shift+D Apple command+Shift+D
Convert Selection Layer to Selection Ctrl+F Apple command+F
Quick Mask (EX) Ctrl+M Apple command+M
Quick Select (EX) Ctrl+Shift+M Apple command+Shift+M