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Manga Studio For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Manga Studio For Dummies

By Doug Hills

Manga Studio provides everything you need to create captivating Manga cartoons — or any type of cartoon you want to create. The numerous palettes you use can show appear or hide at the touch of a key. Of these, the tools palette may be the one you show most often. And, of course, Manga Studio offers a full range of keyboard shortcuts to make creating and changing your creation quick and easy.

The Manga Studio Tools Palette

Manga Studio includes a wide range of tools you use to create your Manga cartoons — or even Western-style cartoons. The following illustration shows the Manga Studio tools palette toolbar, and the Tools Palette table beside it tells you the name of each tool and its shortcut key:


Manga Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Manga Studio, like any worthwhile program, offers a number of keyboard shortcuts for drawing, editing, and generally creating your Manga stories or Western cartoons. The following tables group a number of the most useful shortcuts.

First up are the page shortcuts you use to zoom in and out and do other tasks on a page level:

Manga Studio Page Shortcuts
Command Shortcut Keys (Windows) Shortcut Keys (Mac)
Move Page Spacebar Spacebar
Rotate Page Shift+spacebar Shift+spacebar
Page Zoom Out Ctrl+- (number pad) Apple command+- (number pad)
Page Zoom In Ctrl++ (number pad) Apple command++ (number pad)
Fit Page to Window Ctrl+0 Apple command+0
Zoom Page to Actual Size Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero) Apple command+Option+0 (zero)
Zoom Page to Print Size Ctrl+Shift+0 (zero) Apple command+Shift+0 (zero)
New Layer Ctrl+Shift+N Apple command+Shift+N
Change Layer Type Ctrl+Alt+E Apple command+Option+E
Show/Hide Rulers Ctrl+R Apple command+R
Show/Hide Transparency Ctrl+4 Apple command+4

The tool shortcuts let you draw, undraw (or undo) as needed, and switch colors:

Manga Studio Tool Shortcuts
Tool Action Shortcut Keys (Windows) Shortcut Keys (Mac)
Undo Action Ctrl+Z Apple command+Z
Redo Action Ctrl+Y Apple command+Y
Increase Brush/Line Size ] ]
Decrease Brush/Line Size [ [
Draw Straight Line/Maintain Aspect Ratio for Shape Shift+drag Shift+drag
Switch to Black Color 4 4
Switch to White Color 5 5
Switch to Transparent Color 6 6
Switch to Tone 7 7

Selection shortcuts offer ways to manipulate a selected item:

Manga Studio Selection Shortcuts
Command Shortcut Keys (Windows) Shortcut Keys (Mac)
Select All Ctrl+A Apple command+A
Deselect All Ctrl+D Apple command+D
Invert Selection Ctrl+I Apple command+I
Convert Selection to Layer Ctrl+Shift+D Apple command+Shift+D
Convert Selection Layer to Selection Ctrl+F Apple command+F
Quick Mask (EX) Ctrl+M Apple command+M
Quick Select (EX) Ctrl+Shift+M Apple command+Shift+M

How to Show/Hide Manga Studio Palettes

Manga Studio comes with a host of palettes you can use to create your Manga masterpieces. The following table shows the names of the palettes and the key you use to toggle between showing the palette and hiding it:

Palette Shortcut Key Palette Shortcut Key
Tools F2 Tool Options F3
Layers F4 Navigator F5
Tones F6 Properties F7
History F8 Gray (EX) F9
Materials (EX) F10 Custom Tools (EX) F11
Actions (EX) F12 Show/Hide Active Palettes Tab