Keyboard Commands for Power Users - dummies

Keyboard Commands for Power Users

Part of QuarkXPress For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can download a 20-page PDF of keyboard shortcuts for QuarkXPress at Quark’s website, but many of the most useful shortcuts are right here in the following table.

Task Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Tool shortcuts (not available when Text Content tool is selected)
Item tool V V
Text tool T T
Picture tool R R
Zoom tool Z Z
Pan tool X X
File menu
Import Ctrl+E Cmd-E
Edit menu
Paste without Formatting Ctrl+Alt+U Cmd-Option-U
Paste In Place Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V Cmd-Opt-Shift-V
Select All Ctrl+A Cmd-A
Style menu for text
Plain Ctrl+Shift+P Cmd-Shift-P
Bold Ctrl+Shift+B Cmd-Shift-B
Italic Ctrl+Shift+I Cmd-Shift-I
All Caps Ctrl+Shift+K Cmd-Shift-L
Small Caps Ctrl+Shift+H Cmd-Shift-H
Text alignment
Left align Ctrl+Shift+L Cmd-Shift-L
Center align Ctrl+Shift+C Cmd-Shift-C
Right align Ctrl+Shift+R Cmd-Shift-R
Justified Ctrl+Shift+J Cmd-Shift-J
Leading Ctrl+Shift+E Cmd-Shift-E
Tabs Ctrl+Shift+T Cmd-Shift-T
Rules Ctrl+Shift+N Cmd-Shift-N
Style menu for pictures
Scale Picture To Box (proportionally) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F Cmd-Opt-Shift-F
Item menu
Duplicate Ctrl+D Cmd-D
Step and Repeat Ctrl+Alt+R Cmd-Opt-R
Delete Ctrl+K Cmd-K
Group Ctrl+G Cmd-G
Ungroup Ctrl+U Cmd-U
Space/Align Ctrl+, (comma) Cmd-, (comma)
Page menu
Go to Page Ctrl+J Cmd-J
View menu
Display/hide Invisibles Ctrl+I Cmd-I
Switch to Output Preview view set Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G Cmd-Opt-Shift-G
Switch to Authoring View view set Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I Cmd-Opt-Shift-I
Revert fields to original values Ctrl+Shift+Z Cmd-Shift-Z
Tools palette
Change Content tool to Item tool temporarily Ctrl Cmd
Measurements palette
Select the Font field Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M Cmd-Opt-Shift-M
Toggle Font Preview Shift Shift
Exit/Apply Enter Return or Enter
Exit/Cancel Escape Cmd-. (period or Esc
Display Space/Align tab Ctrl+, (comma) Cmd-, (comma)
Pages palette
Display absolute page number Alt+click page Opt-click page
Style Sheets palette
Apply No Style, then style sheet Alt+click style sheet Opt-click style sheet
(apply to paragraph attributes only) Alt+Shift+click paragraph style sheet Option-shift-click paragraph style sheet
Find/Change palette
Change Find Next button to Find First Alt Option
Changing views
Access View Percentage field Ctrl+Alt+V Control-V
Actual size Ctrl+1 (one) Cmd-1
Fit Page in Window Ctrl+0 (zero) Cmd-0
200% Ctrl+Alt+click Cmd-Opt-click
Toggle between 100% and 200% Ctrl+Alt+click Cmd-Opt-click
Fit spread in window Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero) Cmd-Opt-0
Zoom in Ctrl+Space+click/drag Control-Shift-click/drag
Delete horizontal ruler guides Alt+click horizontal ruler Opt-click horizontal ruler
Delete vertical ruler guides Alt+click vertical ruler Opt-click vertical ruler
Cycle through layouts Alt+’ (apostrophe) Control-tab
With Pan tool Alt+drag Opt-drag
To start of text Ctrl+Home Control-A
To end of text Ctrl+End Control-D
To previous page Shift+Page Up Shift-Page Up
To next page Shift+Page Down Shift-Page Down
Selecting/Deselecting items
Select item in back or behind Ctrl+Alt+Shift+click where items overlap Cmd-Opt-Shift-click
Nudging items (Item tool) or pictures (Content tool)
Move 1 point Arrow keys Arrow keys
Move 1/10 point Alt+arrow keys Opt-arrow keys
Move 10 points Shift+arrow keys Shift-arrow keys
Changing font
Font field in Measurements palette Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M Cmd-Opt-Shift-M
Modifying font size
Increase 1 point Ctrl+Alt+Shift+. (period) Cmd-Opt-Shift-.
Decrease 1 point Ctrl+Shift+; (semicolon) Cmd-Shift-;
Modifying horizontal scaling
Increase 1% Ctrl+Alt+] Cmd-Opt-]
Decrease 1% Ctrl+Alt+[ Cmd-Opt-[
Modifying kerning/tracking (add Alt (Mac) or Option (Windows) for 1/200 em)
Increase 1/20 em Ctrl+Shift+] Cmd-Shift-]
Decrease 1/20 em Ctrl+Shift+[ Cmd-Shift-[
Modifying leading (add Alt (Mac) or Option (Windows) for 1/10 point)
Increase 1 point Ctrl+Shift+’ (apostrophe) Cmd-Shift-‘
Decrease 1 point Ctrl+Shift+; (semicolon) Cmd-Shift-;
Copying paragraph attributes
Copy formats to selected paragraphs in text chain Alt+Shift+click Opt-Shift-click
Searching for text
Tab \t \t
New paragraph \p \p
New line \n \n
Indent here \i \i
Special characters
Indent here Ctrl+\ Cmd-\
New line (soft return) Shift+Enter Shift-Return
New column Keypad Enter Enter
New box Shift+Keypad Enter Shift-Enter
Right-indent tab Shift+Tab Shift-Tab
Discretionary (soft) hyphen Ctrl+ – (hyphen) Cmd- –
Do not hyphenate word Ctrl+ – (hyphen) immediately before word Cmd- –
Moving the text insertion point (add Shift to select the text)
Previous paragraph Ctrl+Up arrow Cmd-Up arrow
Next paragraph Ctrl+Down arrow Cmd-Down arrow
Start of line Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow or Home Cmd-Opt-Left arrow
End of line Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow or End Cmd-Opt-Right arrow
Start of story Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow or Ctrl+Home Cmd-Opt-Up arrow
End of story Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow or Ctrl+End Cmd-Opt-Down arrow
Clicking the mouse to select text
Select word 2 clicks in the word same
Select line 3 clicks same
Select paragraph 4 clicks same
Select story 5 clicks same