Getting Help from Eclipse - dummies

Getting Help from Eclipse

By Barry Burd

Part of Eclipse For Dummies Cheat Sheet

With both the complexity of Java and the nuance of Eclipse, you can’t be expected to remember everything. Sometimes, you need a little more help from Eclipse to get your programming going. Luckily, Eclipse offers both general and context-sensitive help:

  • For context-sensitive help: In Windows, press F1. In Linux, press Ctrl+F1. On a Mac, press Help.

  • For help that’s not context-sensitive: On the main menu bar, choose Help→Help Contents. The Help view appears. In the Help view’s Search field, type the words that you need help understanding. Press GO and wait for the To search the documentation, type a query. . . message to disappear. When at last the Search Results tab displays a list of pages, select a page. The page opens in the Help view’s browser pane.