Creating Your First MindManager Map - dummies

Creating Your First MindManager Map

By Hugh Cameron, Roger Voight

Creating maps is what MindManager is all about, but creating a useful map can take some effort and creative energy. You want to use maps that are already started, called templates, whenever possible. Create your first map — a practice map — by opening your MindManager program and following these steps:

1. Click the Learning tab at the bottom right-hand edge of the Task pane.

The Learning Center page opens in the Task pane.

2. In the “Getting Started” section, select QuickStart Map.

This should be the third choice from the top of the list. The template opens as a sample map in the Map pane of your workspace. This is a map to use for practicing your basic MindManager skills. You can start over with this practice map as often as you wish, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Look through the topics on the map, reading in a clockwise direction. This will orient you to the names of the various things that may appear on a map and some of the basic keystrokes that you can use to build your map.

3. Click anywhere on the Central Topic.

MindManager draws a blue rectangle around the central topic. This is how MindManager tells you that an object on the map has been selected.

4. Type a new title for this map and then press Enter.

You are just discovering how to change text in a map, so it really doesn’t matter what title you give it — “My First Map” or even “adshka!$” will do just fine.

Your typing replaces the text that was there, and MindManager resizes the central topic so that it is just large enough to contain your text.

5. Click the words “Start here” and then press Delete.

MindManager first draws the blue selection rectangle around the words and the down arrow, and then it deletes both the words and the image from the map. MindManager then draws the blue selection rectangle around the central topic again.

The object you just deleted is an example of something called a floating topic because it isn’t attached to anything else on the map. You can also use this technique to highlight an important part of your map.

6. Press the Enter key.

MindManager draws another thick line from the central topic to a blue rectangle containing no text.

7. Type a few words to represent your new main topic and press Enter.

It doesn’t matter what you type — “This is my main topic” is as good as anything else. The blue rectangle expands to surround the text that you typed.

8. Click twice just to the left of the letter “a” on the first line of topic 2.

MindManager displays the blue selection rectangle on the first click, and then it displays a flashing vertical line just before the letter “a.” You are now in insert mode, and anything you type will appear at the point of the vertical line without deleting any of the existing text.

You can select part or all the text by clicking and holding the mouse button down as you drag across the text. Your typing will then replace the highlighted text.

9. Type MindManager’s and then delete the “a.”

Topic 2 now reads “2. This is MindManager’s main topic” and it remains selected.

10. Click the topic with the yellow-green background that begins “Print this map . . .”

MindManager draws the blue selection rectangle around the topic.

11. Press Insert.

MindManager creates a subtopic and shows it as selected.

12. Type in any text for the subtopic.

MindManager replaces the word “subtopic” with your typing. You have now created a subtopic.

13. Click the Library tab on the Task pane, and then click Icons.

MindManager displays all the icons in its library in the lower half of the pane.

14. Click the red check mark in the library display.

MindManager adds a small red check mark to the left of your new subtopic.

15. Right-click the check mark in the subtopic and select Remove.

MindManager deletes the check mark from the subtopic.

16. Click Images –> Landmarks in the top half of the Library pane, and then click the picture that you would most like to visit on your next vacation.

The image appears to the left of your subtopic.

Go ahead and play with this map as much as you like. When you finish, just close it and click the No button when MindManager asks you if you want to save your map. Of course, if you have done something wonderful, do save it (but you will have to give it a different name since this particular practice map is a read-only map)!