How to Create Text Paths in QuarkXPress - dummies

How to Create Text Paths in QuarkXPress

By Jay J. Nelson

When you want a string of text to follow a line or a shape in QuarkXPress, you add that text to a text path. You can adjust the following: how text rides the path; the attributes of the text (font, color, size and so forth); and the attributes of the path.

To add text to a line or path, double-click the line or path with the Text Content tool. Then either begin typing or paste in any text you previously copied to the Clipboard. You can format the text using any of the controls in the Measurements palette.

To convert a selected box (of any shape) to a text path, first change its content to text by choosing Item → Content→ Text. Then choose Item→ Shape and choose the squiggly line icon to convert the box to a path.

To control the starting point of the text, use the usual text formatting techniques such as left indent, tabs, or spaces.

To control how the text rides the path, select the path and then use the controls in either the Text Box tab of the Measurements palette (Mac) or the Text Path tab of the Measurements palette (Windows). Using the controls shown, you can make the text bend along the path in four different ways, flip it to the other side of the path (good for running text inside the path), and control where the text sits vertically on the path.

The Text on a Path controls in the Text Box tab of the Measurements palette.

If (for some strange reason) you want text to flow from a text path to other text paths, text boxes, or text cells in a table, you can use the Text Linking tools.