How to Close and Save QuarkXPress Projects - dummies

How to Close and Save QuarkXPress Projects

By Jay J. Nelson

To close an open QuarkXPress project, choose File→Close Window or click the red button in the title bar of its window. If you’ve made changes to the project, or it hasn’t yet been saved, the Save dialog box opens. In the Save As field, enter a name for your file along with a location to save it, and click Save to save and close your project.

Conversely, if you know you haven’t yet saved your project and want to continue working on it, you can choose File→Save to open the Save dialog box. Give your project a name, choose a location in which to store it, and click Save. Your project remains open, yet it’s safely saved on your computer.

If you’ve made changes to your project and want to keep the old version as well as the new version, choose File → Save As instead of File →Save. The Save As command lets you save the new version of your project with a new name and location.

To save a copy of your QuarkXPress 2016 project that can be opened in QuarkXPress 2015, choose File→ Export Layouts as Project. In the resulting dialog box, choose 2015 from the Version pop-up menu. Unless you want to replace your existing project, give the new one a different name. QuarkXPress 2015 can open this new project, but any page items that use features not in that version will be either translated to something QuarkXPress 2015 can understand or removed entirely. For example, multicolor blends will be converted to two-color blends, cross-references will be lost, and variables with line wraps will be lost. Use with caution!