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Choosing Antivirus Software to Protect Your Computer

When you buy a new computer, one of the most important things to install is antivirus software and spyware removal software to protect your computer from Internet hackers. Make sure you install some trusted antivirus software, like that provided by the good folks at AVG. This should be the first program you ever install on a machine, if only because it makes sure everything else down the line will be safe. You can also invest in software like McAfee and Symantec, although AVG will work just fine for most users.


Next, toss on a spyware removal program like Spybot. This will help get rid of the hazards of surfing the Internet, like the spyware and malware some sites will attempt to put on your computer. Between these programs, you stand a good chance of keeping your computer clean.

And remember:

  • Always update the software.

  • Run the software once a week or so to keep your computer clean.

You can find instructions on how to do both of these steps on the manufacturers’ Web sites.