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The Big Features in Recent Versions of QuarkXPress

By Jay J. Nelson

If you skipped a release or three of QuarkXPress prior to 2016, you’re not alone — but you’ve missed some efficiency-enhancing improvements. Conveniently, Quark has provided a chart of new features that stretches back to version 7. Here are some of the most exciting and useful new features introduced since version 7:

  • Intelligent palettes that adapt to your work
  • Layers on master pages
  • The capability to drag and drop from other apps, the desktop, and Adobe Bridge
  • Having a page size larger than 48 inches
  • Having multiple page sizes in one document
  • Crisp display of all images
  • The capability to scale images up to 5000 percent
  • An 8000 percent zoom
  • The capability to import native Photoshop (PSD) and Illustrator (AI) files
  • The capability to relink images in Usage dialog
  • Format painter
  • Item Find/Change
  • Item Styles
  • A page thumbnail navigator (Mac only)
  • Cloner utility copies items or pages across layouts
  • Intelligent scaling: You choose the attributes to scale
  • Footnotes/Endnotes
  • Table styles
  • Sound, video, and interactivity
  • The capability to synchronize text, pictures, and formatting automatically
  • Conditional styles
  • Callouts
  • Hanging punctuation
  • Bullets and numbering
  • Story Editor
  • Redlining
  • Notes
  • Glyphs palette
  • Job Jackets for automated document creation
  • Print previews
  • The capability to export to ePub, iPad, Kindle, Android
  • The capability to export items and pages as images
  • Advanced east Asian typography
  • Global language support built in (35+ languages)
  • Spotlight and QuickLook support (Mac only)
  • Cross-platform dual-licensing (Mac and Windows)

In the bad old days, you couldn’t edit a document created in a different language edition of QuarkXPress. Now, a project created in any language edition of QuarkXPress can be edited, printed, and saved in any other language edition of QuarkXPress — no more language-specific projects!