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mySAP ERP For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From MySAP ERP For Dummies

By Andreas Vogel, Ian Kimbell

By using mySAP ERP software, you can help your business reach its goals in a productive and cost-saving manner. To do so, use the mySAP ERP industry solution map and the specific industry solution sets to develop streamlined processes and services for your business needs. If you need more information or help refer to the list of helpful SAP resources for answers to your questions.

mySAP ERP Solution Map

After you determine your business objectives, SAP provides industry-solution maps to help you — from the business process to an individual service, and even the technical specification of that service (the so-called Web Service Description Language). These maps outline the processes in a solution (such as ERP or CRM) or the processes in an industry (such as chemicals or the public sector). Here’s a look at the mySAP ERP Solution Map:


SAP Industry Solutions

SAP offer more than 25 industry-specific ERP solutions, which provide a tailored system to help give your company an overview of industry-specific business processes. To help define the requirements of individual industry sectors, industry solution maps were created in cooperation with industry-specific user groups, partners, and SAP development teams. SAP currently offers the following industry sets:

Aerospace and defense High-tech Mining
Automotive Higher education and research Oil and gas
Banking Hospitality services Pharmaceuticals
Chemicals Industrial machinery and Postal services
Consumer products components Professional services
Defense and security Insurance Public sector
Engineering, construction, Life sciences Railway services
and operations Logistics service providers Retail
Financial service providers Media Telecommunications
Healthcare Mill products Utilities

SAP Resources

Before you jump into the vast world of ERP, do your homework. Although the potential rewards are big, you don’t want to make the leap alone. Fortunately, help is out there, both in online and human form. For tips, insights, and SAP information, check out some of these great resources:

  • Your SAP account representative: If you are new to the SAP family or do not currently have an SAP account representative, go to to locate the closest office.

  • The SAP Web site: For up-to-the-minute information on SAP, check out The mySAP ERP section can be found in the Solutions area or by visiting; the SAP NetWeaver section (with information on ESA) is at

  • The SAP Developer Network: For information that is slightly more technology-focused, try (registration necessary).

  • The SAP Community: The SAP community Web site can be found at (registration necessary). Here you can browse and watch replays of recent SAP and SAP customer presentations on all aspects of mySAP ERP and ESA, as well as discuss issues in various forums.

  • SAP Events: There are many SAP events, from the elaborate SAPPHIRE conference and SAP TechEd to local events such as The Best of SAP World Tour. All can be found under

  • SAP Partners: Go to find out about the myriad of partners that can extend or help you with mySAP ERP.

  • SAP User Groups: Go to an SAP-owned site) for a list of user groups.