How to Create Custom Fields in Project 2016 - dummies

How to Create Custom Fields in Project 2016

By Cynthia Snyder

When assigning resources, you often need to consider a person’s skills. Project 2016 doesn’t include a Skill field, but it does allow you to add fields of your own. You can use these fields for anything, but one useful way is to code resources by skill level.

You can use a rating system such as A, B, and C or use terms such as Exp for an experienced worker and Beg for a beginning-level worker.

Here’s how to add a custom field:

  1. Display the Resource Sheet (or whatever sheet in which you want to view the custom field).
  2. Scroll to the right on the sheet until you get to the end of the columns and click the Add New Column column heading.
  3. Type a name for the field and press Enter.

You can enter whatever you like in this column for each resource in the project. Then you can search for specific entries in that field using the Find feature or turn on a filter to display only resources with a certain skill level in that field.

The custom field that’s created using this method uses one of the placeholder fields Text 1 through Text 30 that’s available for you to customize. You can customize other types of placeholder fields, such as cost fields or flag fields. To access more custom fields, right-click a field column heading and click Custom Fields.

Some organizations designate custom fields for certain company information, such as an accounting code or a vendor rating. If a Project administrator is in charge of these enterprise-wide standards, check with her before you choose a custom field to designate skill level.