How to Work with Documents in Lotus Notes 6 - dummies

How to Work with Documents in Lotus Notes 6

By Stephen R. Londergan

Part of Lotus Notes 6 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Working with documents in Lotus Notes 6 is easy. Lotus Notes 6 offers a variety of useful tools to help you manage all your business communication. The following table shows the commands you need to do basic tasks:

To Do This Try This
Read selected document Press Enter or double-click document
Delete selected document Press Delete on your keyboard, drag the document to the Trash
bin (in Mail), or choose Edit→Delete
Close document Press Esc or choose File→Close
Edit document Press Ctrl+E or choose Actions →Edit Document
Send a message Choose Actions→Send Document or click Send or Send and
Save button
Forward a document Choose Actions→Forward, or click on Forward or Forward
without Attachments button
Send a message when you’re in another database Choose Create→Mail→Memo or press Ctrl+M
Move from field to field in a document Press Tab to go to the next field or Shift+Tab to move to the
previous field
Update a view Press F9 or choose View→Refresh

Navigating among documents is made easy with sometimes a couple of options for getting to and from documents. The following table shows how to navigate in Lotus Notes 6:

To Go to This Use This Or This
Next unread document Tab F4
Previous unread document Shift+Tab Shift+F4
Next document Up arrow
Previous document Down arrow

Selecting text within a document in Lotus Notes 6 involves clicking mouse buttons or pressing a couple of keys. The next table shows how to select text:

To Select This Do This
A word (in edit mode) Double-click it
Next several words (Edit mode) Ctrl+Shift+ right or down arrow key
Previous several words (Edit mode) Ctrl+Shift+ left or up arrow key
All the text in current field Choose Edit→Select All or press Ctrl+A
A large chunk of text Position cursor at beginning of text and then Shift+click at
end of text
From cursor to beginning of field Press Shift+Ctrl+Home
From cursor to end of field Press Shift+Ctrl+End