The Logic Pro X Inspector - dummies

The Logic Pro X Inspector

By Graham English

The inspector is an important Logic Pro X tool, and you’ll quickly memorize its key command, I. (When you’ve memorized the key command, consider deleting the inspector icon on the control bar to free up space.) The inspector can take up a lot of space in the main window, but it’s integral to editing your tracks and shaping your sound.


At the bottom of the inspector are two channel strips. The strip on the left corresponds to the currently selected track. The strip on the right is dynamic. Above the channel strips are two panes that you can open and close:

  • The track inspector pane gives you details about the entire track. You can change the track icon here.

  • The region inspector shows you details about the currently selected region or regions. The details in both the region and track inspector panes depend on what kind of track or region is selected.

Understanding the difference between the track and region inspector panes will save you from a lot of confusion as you work.