The Editors Area of Logic Pro X - dummies

The Editors Area of Logic Pro X

By Graham English

The control bar editor icons and corresponding key commands in Logic Pro X aren’t the only ways to open the various editors. Double-click an audio, a MIDI, or a drummer region and the corresponding editor will open at the bottom of the tracks area.

An audio region defaults to the audio track editor. A MIDI region defaults to the piano roll editor, shown. A drummer region defaults to the drummer editor.


In the audio and MIDI editor windows, you’ll see tabs for additional editors. The MIDI editor displays tabs for the score and step editors in addition to the piano roll editor. The audio editor shows a tab for the audio file editor in addition to the audio track editor.

Just like the tracks area, the editors area has a toolbar with edit, functions, and view menus; icons; tool menus; and snap and zoom settings. When you learn how to navigate the tracks area, you’ll have a pretty easy time navigating the editors.