Recording Multiple MIDI Inputs in Logic Pro X - dummies

Recording Multiple MIDI Inputs in Logic Pro X

By Graham English

You can record more than one MIDI track at a time. Record-enable each track that you want to record and then record as usual. Anything you play will be recorded on all record-enabled tracks.

If you want to use two or more controllers to perform different parts on different software instruments, you’ll need to set the tracks and controllers to separate MIDI channels in the track inspector.

Imagine that you’re playing your project and it’s sounding good. You’re feeling the vibe, so you reach over to your keyboard and improvise a sick riff. “Oh, that was nice! I wish I had recorded that,” you think to yourself as you gaze beyond the cold heartless computer, disappointed. Stop feeling blue: You were recording the entire time! You can capture that recording retroactively:

  • Press Shift-R to capture the most recent MIDI performance. Depending on your current MIDI recording options, your most recent performance is captured as a region, take, or take track on the selected track.

  • You can add the capture recording icon to the control bar.

  • Capture recording works only on MIDI tracks. You can’t retroactively capture audio recordings.

As you can see, your creative power is limited only by your imagination. And your imagination is fueled by the possibilities Logic Pro gives you. You have a professional recording studio that can handle any project you can envision.