Record Multiple Takes in Logic Pro X Cycle Mode - dummies

Record Multiple Takes in Logic Pro X Cycle Mode

By Graham English

You can record additional recordings, or takes, on a track in Logic Pro X that already contains audio regions. A take folder is created to contain the original and new takes. In cycle mode, new lanes are created each time the cycle passes.

When cycle mode is enabled, playback or recording begins at the left locator and repeats when it reaches the right locator. To set up cycle mode, set the left and right locators by dragging from left to right in the upper half of the ruler in the tracks area.

The cycle area will be displayed as a yellow strip in the upper half of the ruler. You can turn cycle mode on and off by pressing C or clicking the cycle icon in the control bar.


To record in cycle mode, turn on cycle mode and begin recording as you did previously. After the second take is recorded, a take folder is created in the cycle area, and new lanes are added with each pass through the cycle. This is a great way to get several takes that you can edit into a perfect (or close to perfect) take.


A key to using cycle mode is setting locators. You can set locators in many ways. Here are a few useful locator commands:

  • Choose Navigate→Set Locators by Selection (Command-U) to set the locators according to the regions you’ve selected.

  • Choose Navigate→Auto Set Locators→Enable Auto Set Locators to automatically follow your region selection or marquee tool selections.

  • Set the locators manually in the control bar LCD if you have Locators (Left/Right) selected in the Customize Control Bar and Display options.

Open the Key Commands window (Option-K) and type locators in the search bar. You’ll find dozens of key commands. After you browse the available locator key commands, you’ll have an idea of what you can do and how important locators are to a speedy workflow.