How to Tidy Up Your Logic Pro X Projects - dummies

How to Tidy Up Your Logic Pro X Projects

By Graham English

When you work on your Logic Pro X projects, you’ll probably try lots of things, record takes that don’t make the mix, and basically add a bunch of audio and MIDI data that doesn’t need to be there when it comes time to share or archive your project. You should give your project a spring-cleaning to get it ready for the next season in its life.

If you plan to send your project to a collaborator or archive it because it’s finished, you’ll appreciate the following useful tools in the File→Project Management menu:

  • Clean Up: Deletes unused files, backups, and media browser files. This function is safe to use because it deletes only unused data. However, it deletes media you may have shared with the media browser, so sharing with the media browser isn’t the best strategy if you want your media to be available for other projects or other applications in the future.


  • Consolidate: Creates a copy of all the assets you select and includes them in the project. If you haven’t been including assets in your project up until now, this is your chance to pull everything into your project. This function is useful also when you want to share the project for collaboration because the Logic Pro user you’re sharing with might not have the same samples or content installed.


  • Rename: Opens a dialog asking you to select your new project name. (This function is similar to using the File→Save As command.)

  • Show in Finder: Opens a Finder window with your project selected. Use this function when you need to get to your project file quickly.

Now that your project is nice and tidy, it’s important to think about protecting it for the future. A good backup strategy can save you from downtime and avoidable, life-shortening stress. Hard drives fail, so back up your project files on CD or DVD and consider using a service that allows you to back up offsite.

Also, because Logic Pro X will probably not be the final version of this amazing software, export your tracks as audio files so that you can import them into a version of Logic Pro down the line. Your future self will thank you.