How to Sort and Hide Tracks in Logic Pro X

By Graham English

You can move tracks in Logic Pro X by dragging the track headers up and down. You can also sort tracks automatically according to type or whether or not they are being used by choosing Tracks→Sort Tracks By.

Hiding tracks is useful when you want to clean up your project. You might not be ready to delete a track that’s no longer being used, but you want it out of the way. Here’s how you can hide tracks:

  1. Click the green hide icon on the track header menu (or press H if the icon isn’t visible).

    Hide icons will appear also on each track.


  2. Click the hide icon on the track you want to hide.

    The icon turns green.

  3. Click the hide icon in the track header again.

    The icon turns orange, indicating that tracks are hidden. The track is hidden from the track list and the channel strip disappears from the mixer.

To unhide your tracks, click the hide icon in the track header. The tracks are again displayed in the track list and mixer.