How to Record MIDI Software Instruments in Logic Pro X - dummies

How to Record MIDI Software Instruments in Logic Pro X

By Graham English

MIDI is just data. Audio is not included in a MIDI region or a MIDI message. What you hear when a MIDI track plays is either the software instrument connected to the track or the audio output from your external instruments. To record a software instrument, you’ll need to create a new software instrument track. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose Track→New Software Instrument Track (or press Option-Command-S).

    A new software instrument track is added to the track list and automatically selected.

  2. Open the inspector by pressing I or by choosing View→Show Inspector.

    The inspector displays a software instrument track channel strip.


  3. Open the library by pressing Y or by choosing View→Show Library.

    The library menu opens to the left of the inspector.

  4. On the library menu, select the patch you want to use.

    You can audition patches by selecting a patch and playing your MIDI controller.

  5. Display the track inspector by clicking the disclosure triangle above the channel strip.

    The track inspector area opens allowing you to adjust the software instrument track settings.

  6. Set the correct MIDI channel in the track inspector.

    The default MIDI channel is set to All, which means your MIDI controller can be set to any MIDI channel and the software instrument track will receive the signal. If you want to set the track to receive from only a single MIDI channel, you need to set it to the correct MIDI channel in the track inspector.

    Using different MIDI channels is useful if you have more than one MIDI controller and you want them to control specific software instrument tracks.