How to Open Smart Controls in Logic Pro X - dummies

How to Open Smart Controls in Logic Pro X

By Graham English

Smart controls are your personal Logic Pro genius bar. Click the smart controls icon in the control bar or press the key command B to open the smart controls at the bottom of the tracks area. Memorize the smart controls key command by remembering the word best, as in best controls.


You can also choose View→Show Smart Controls. To open smart controls in a new window, choose Window→Open Smart Controls or press Command-3.

At the top of the smart controls is a menu bar. In the center of the menu bar are two buttons to quickly switch between the track’s smart controls and dedicated channel EQ. If no EQ is inserted on the track and you press the EQ button, a plus sign icon in the center of the control area will allow you to insert an EQ into the track’s channel strip instantly.


If the selected track is a software instrument track, an arpeggiator icon appears on the right side of the menu bar. An arpeggiator turns the chords you play into arpeggios, or one note played after another as opposed to simultaneously.

Click the icon to turn on the arpeggiator and a pop-up menu will appear so you can choose a preset or adjust the settings. The arpeggiator is a popular synth effect across many genres. Many of The Who’s greatest hits feature vintage synth arpeggiators and the effect is common in pop and dance music.

To enable the smart controls icons and features, Show Advanced Tools must be selected in the Advanced Preferences pane. Choose Logic Pro X→Preferences→Advanced Tools and select the Show Advanced Tools option.


On the left side of the smart controls menu bar is the smart controls inspector icon and a Compare button. The icon opens the inspector on the left side of the Smart Controls window. The Compare button compares the edited smart controls with the saved version.