How to Open a Logic Pro X Project - dummies

How to Open a Logic Pro X Project

By Graham English

You can open a Logic Pro X project in several ways. You can click a project file in Finder, which will launch Logic Pro and open the project. If another project is open, Logic Pro will ask if you want to close the project. More than one project can be open simultaneously, so it’s not necessary to close the current project.

To switch between open projects, choose Window on the main menu and then select the project in the list at the bottom of the menu.

You can open a project also from the File menu. Choose File→Open or press Command+O and a dialog will open allowing you to navigate to the location of your project in Finder. Choose File→Open Recent instead to see a list of your recent projects.

Logic Pro can also open MIDI files, AAF files (Advanced Authoring Format files used by digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools), XML files (used by Final Cut Pro X), and GarageBand projects. It can also open projects created with earlier versions of Logic Pro.

If this is your first time launching Logic Pro X, you can open a demo project from the Help menu. Choose Help→Logic Pro Demo Project and a project by a chart-topping band will give you something to explore.