Global Tracks in Logic Pro X - dummies

Global Tracks in Logic Pro X

By Graham English

Global track in Logic Pro X contain lanes and data, but they’re global to the project. Global settings such as tempo and time signature changes affect the entire project, and you set them in your global tracks.


To have all the options available to you, choose Logic Pro X→Preferences→Advanced and select all the options.

To display your global tracks, do one of the following:

  • Choose Track→Global Tracks→Show Global Tracks.

  • Press G.

  • Click the global tracks icon at the top right of the track headers menu.

You might not see all available global tracks on the screen. To choose which global tracks are displayed, do the following:

  1. Choose Tracks→Global Tracks→Configure Global Tracks or press Option-G.

  2. Select the global tracks you want to show.

  3. Click Done.

Here’s a brief description of the different global tracks:

  • Arrangement track: The arrangement track creates special markers that are meant to help you organize your project based on common song sections, such as chorus, verse, and intro.

  • Marker track: The marker track lets you mark spots on your project. You can name your markers, put descriptive text on them, and navigate to them by using key commands.

  • Movie track: The movie track shows thumbnails of imported movies. To import a movie into your project, choose File→Movie→Open Movie. You can choose to extract the audio from the movie into a track in your project.

  • Signature track: The signature track controls both the key signature and the time signature of your project. You can change either at any point in your project by selecting the pencil tool on the tool menu and clicking where you want the change to occur.

  • Transposition track: The transposition track transposes MIDI and Apple loops but not audio files. Click the track with the pencil tool to create a transposition node. Drag the node up or down and MIDI regions, MIDI Apple loops, and audio Apple loops will follow the transposition track.

  • Tempo track: The tempo track defines your object tempo. Double-click anywhere in the tempo track lane to create a new tempo node. Adjust the tempo by dragging the node up or down.

  • Beat mapping track: The beat mapping track aligns the project tempo to the content on your tracks. It’s useful for projects that don’t have a consistently perfect tempo.