Editing Smart Control Parameters in Logic Pro X - dummies

Editing Smart Control Parameters in Logic Pro X

By Graham English

After you’ve mapped a control to parameters in Logic Pro X, you can adjust how the control modifies the parameters. For example, you might want a volume knob to never go all the way down and all the way up. You might want the control to modify a specific range.

Open the Parameter Mapping area in the inspector by clicking the disclosure triangle, and you’ll see values that you can edit below the parameter name:

  • Range Min: This value sets the minimum range of the parameter.

  • Max: This value sets the maximum range of the parameter.

  • Invert: This check box switches the minimum and maximum values.

  • Scaling: Click the Open button to open a graph to adjust the minimum and maximum range values.


If you have more than one parameter mapped, you can change the order of the parameters by dragging the left side of the parameter name up or down the list.

Don’t forget to use the Compare button, which lets you audition changes before fully committing to them.