Creating MIDI Tracks in Logic Pro X Cycle Mode - dummies

Creating MIDI Tracks in Logic Pro X Cycle Mode

By Graham English

You might want to record a beat or groove and build it one take at a time. Recording this way makes it easier to focus on a single element rather than playing a full part. Logic Pro gives you several options when you record in cycle mode:

  • Record→MIDI Recording Options→Create Tracks when Cycling creates a new take track with each pass. A take track uses the same channel strip as the original track, so it doesn’t use up more resources. For example, if you’re recording MIDI drums and want each drum sound on a different track, you can create new tracks in cycle mode until you have a complete beat.

    You can use the same technique with a multi-instrument (a single software instrument with more than one sound) and create an entire groove from the ground up. Recording this way is like using a looper, with each loop building on the first, except it continues to add layers until you stop recording.

  • Record→MIDI Recording Options→Create Tracks and Mute When Cycling mutes the previous track after each pass. Use this if you don’t want to build on the previous take but do want to create take alternatives. This method is similar to take recording, but it creates new take tracks instead of creating a take folder.

    Logic Pro lets you accomplish similar goals in several ways. In many cases, there’s no right way to do something — just the way that lets you get the job done.