Create Drummer Tracks and Regions with Your Virtual Drummer - dummies

Create Drummer Tracks and Regions with Your Virtual Drummer

By Graham English

New to Logic Pro X is Drummer, your virtual session player. Drummer is a combination of a new track type and new software instrument. The track type does the drumming and the software instrument provides the drum sounds.

Create a drummer track

To create a drummer track, choose Track→New Drummer Track. A new drummer track is added to the track list, and two default eight-bar regions are added to the tracks area.


You can have only one drummer track in a project. You can convert a drummer track into a MIDI track and then add another drummer track, but you lose the ability to use the drummer editor and will have to edit the drum part manually. By the way, Drummer prevents you from creating “impossible” beats, where you might accidentally program something a real drummer simply couldn’t play.

Create drummer regions

Drummer automatically creates two eight-bar regions, but you don’t have to live with them. By using several regions to build your project rather than one big region, you can more easily change what your drummer plays during different song sections (as you’ll soon see).

To create a drummer region, select the pencil tool in the tracks area and click where you would like the region to begin. By default, drummer regions are eight bars long. If you want to change the size of the region, drag the lower-left or lower-right edge of the region to resize it. You could also split a region (making two regions out of one) by using the scissors tool.

If you want to force the drummer to hit the crash cymbal at the beginning of a song section, create a new region. You may need to adjust the Fills parameter, as you learn next, but getting Drummer to play a cymbal crash at the beginning of a region is a good reason why you want new regions to start at song sections or groove changes.