Composing and Recording with Logic Pro X - dummies

Composing and Recording with Logic Pro X

By Graham English

Part of Logic Pro X For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The most important factors to consider when you’re composing with Logic Pro X are speed and ease of capturing ideas. Familiarize yourself with the following commands to accelerate your composing:

  • Press Shift-Command-N or choose File→New to create a new project.

  • Press Shift-Command-T or choose Track→Global Tracks→Show Tempo Track to show the tempo track.

  • Press K to turn the metronome on or off.

  • Press Option-Command-S or choose Track→New Software Instrument Track to create a new software instrument track.

  • Press Option-Command-A or choose Track→New Audio Track to create a new audio track.

The two basic types of recording in Logic Pro X are audio recording and MIDI recording. These shortcuts will help you record audio and MIDI with Logic Pro X:

  • Press Control-R to enable recording on the selected track.

  • Press R to begin recording.