Building Custom Kits with Drum Kit Designer in Logic Pro X

By Graham English

The Drum Kit Designer software instrument is added to a drummer track automatically, but you don’t have to use the Drum Kit Designer. But Drummer and Drum Kit Designer were made for each other. The Drum Kit Designer software instrument in Logic Pro X is a gorgeous interface. To open the software, follow these steps:

  1. Display the inspector by choosing View→Show Inspector (I).

    The inspector opens to the left of the tracks area.

  2. Click the instrument slot in the channel strip.

    The Drum Kit Designer software instrument opens.


Click any drum to play it. As you click a drum, the left side displays the Exchange panel where you can choose different drums. The right side displays the Edit panel where you can control the selected drum sound.


Each type of drum or cymbal has different parameters. You can tune and dampen every sound, and you can adjust the volume by using the gain knob. If you’ve loaded a producer kit, you can select whether the sound should be included in the overheads and room microphones or should leak into other drum mics. For the room mics, you can select between two mic setups by using the A/B slider.

At the bottom of the software instrument screen is a disclosure triangle that opens the additional settings. In this area, you can adjust the volume of the drummer’s percussion instruments.