3 Tips for Arranging and Editing with Logic Pro X - dummies

3 Tips for Arranging and Editing with Logic Pro X

By Graham English

Part of Logic Pro X For Dummies Cheat Sheet

After you’ve recorded your sound tracks, you can use Logic Pro X to arrange and edit them to sound better. Because you can almost always find an element of your project that wants to be tweaked and edited, give yourself time limits and don’t aim for perfection.

These tips will help you arrange and edit with Logic Pro X:

  • Use the tracks area for arranging and coarse editing. The tracks area is capable of fine editing, so this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but the tracks area is ideal for arranging and has a larger scope than the audio and MIDI editors. Press Command-1 to open a new main window displaying the tracks area.

  • Use the audio and MIDI editors for fine editing. You can manipulate the smallest details of your track in the editors. Press E to display the editors.

  • Use the tools and editing menus: Editing audio and MIDI involves tools, menus, and functions. Press T to open the tools menu. Look in the Edit and Functions menus for commands that will help you achieve your editing needs.