Navigate and Select Cells in a Numbers Spreadsheet - dummies

Navigate and Select Cells in a Numbers Spreadsheet

By Mark L. Chambers

Before you can enter data into a cell in a Numbers spreadsheet, you need to know how to get to the cell where you want to enter that data. You can use the scroll bars to move around in your spreadsheet, but when you enter data into cells, moving your fingers from the keyboard is a hassle.

For this reason, Numbers has various movement shortcut keys that you can use to navigate. After you commit these keys to memory, your productivity shoots straight to the top.

Movement Shortcut Keys in Numbers
Key or Key Combination Where the Cursor Moves
Left arrow One cell to the left
Right arrow One cell to the right
Up arrow One cell up
Down arrow One cell down
Home To the beginning of the active worksheet
End To the end of the active worksheet
Page Down Down one screen
Page Up Up one screen
Return One cell down (also works within a selection)
Tab One cell to the right (also works within a selection)
Shift+Enter One cell up (also works within a selection)
Shift+Tab One cell to the left (also works within a selection)

You can use the mouse to select cells in a spreadsheet:

  • To select a single cell, click it.

  • To select a range of multiple adjacent cells, click a cell at any corner of the range you want and then drag the mouse in the direction you want.

  • To select a column of cells, click the alphabetic heading button at the top of the column.

  • To select a row of cells, click the numeric heading button on the far left side of the row.