iWork Numbers Spreadsheet Application - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

Numbers, the spreadsheet application that’s included in iWork ’09, ships with a selection of templates that you can modify quickly to create a new spreadsheet. (For example, after a few modifications, you can easily use the Budget, Loan Comparison, and Mortgage templates to create your own spreadsheets!)

To create a spreadsheet project file, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock.

  2. Click the Numbers icon.

    Numbers displays the Template Chooser window.

    If Numbers will be a favorite application on your MacBook, Allow the iWork ’09 installation program to add a Numbers icon to your Dock.


  3. Click the type of document you want to create in the list to the left.

    The document thumbnails on the right are updated with templates that match your choice.

  4. Click the template that most closely matches your needs.

  5. Click Choose to open a new document using the template you selected.

If a Numbers document appears in a Finder window (or you locate it using Spotlight or All My Files), you can just double-click the Document icon to open it; Numbers automatically loads and displays the spreadsheet.

However, it’s equally easy to open a Numbers document from within the program. Follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the Numbers icon to run the program.

  2. Press Command+O to display the Open dialog.

  3. Click the desired drive in the Devices list at the left of the dialog and then click folders and subfolders until you’ve located the desired Numbers document.

    The Search box at the top-right corner of the Open dialog makes it easy to locate a document. Click in the Search box and type a portion (or all) of the filename; then click Filename Contains in the pop-up menu that appears.

  4. Double-click the spreadsheet to load it.

If you want to open a spreadsheet you’ve been working on over the last few days, click File→Open Recent to display Numbers documents that you’ve worked with recently.

The Template Chooser window also sports both an Open Recent button and an Open Existing File button.