How to Open and Save Keynote Presentations - dummies

How to Open and Save Keynote Presentations

By Mark L. Chambers

The presentation software that is part of the iWork suite, Keynote, enables you to open and save presentations much like any other presentation application. If an existing Keynote presentation file is visible in a Finder window, you can double-click the document icon to open the project. If Keynote is already running, however, follow these steps to load a project:

  1. Press Command+O to display the Open dialog.

  2. Click the desired drive in the Devices list at the left of the dialog; then click folders and subfolders until you’ve located the Keynote project.

    Alternatively, you can click the All My Files location in the Open dialog sidebar to display your documents, or click in the Search box at the upper-right side of the screen and type a portion of the filename.

  3. Double-click the filename to load it.

If you want to open a Keynote document that you’ve edited in the recent past, things get even easier! Just click File→Open Recent and you can open the document with a single click from the submenu that appears. (Note that the Template Chooser window has both Open Recent and Open Existing File buttons as well.)

Because Keynote provides full support for Lion’s new Auto Save feature, saving your work often is not as critical as it used to be — but if you’d simply like to safeguard your work in a world of power failures, follow these steps:

  1. Press Command+S.

    If you’re saving a document that hasn’t yet been saved, the familiar Save As sheet appears.

  2. Type a filename for your new document.

  3. Click the Where pop-up menu and choose a location to save the document.

    To select a location not on the Where pop-up menu, click the button with the down arrow symbol to expand the sheet. You can also create a new folder from the expanded sheet.

  4. Click Save.

You can create a version of a Keynote presentation by clicking File→Save a Version. To revert the current presentation to an older version, click File→Revert to Saved. Keynote gives you the option of reverting to the last saved version, or you can click Older Version to browse multiple versions of the presentation and choose one of those to revert to.