How to Enter and Edit Data in Numbers Spreadsheets

By Mark L. Chambers

Numbers, the spreadsheet application that is part of the iWork suite, enables you to enter and edit data as you do in most spreadsheet applications. After you navigate to the cell in which you want to enter data, you’re ready to type your data.

  1. Either click the cell or press the spacebar.

    A cursor appears, indicating that the cell is ready to hold any data you type.

  2. Type in your data.

    Spreadsheets can use both numbers and text within a cell; either type of information is considered data in the Spreadsheet World.

  3. To edit data, click within the cell that contains the data to select it and then click the cell again to display the insertion cursor. Drag the insertion cursor across the characters to highlight them and then type the replacement data.

  4. To simply delete characters, highlight the characters and press Delete.

  5. When you’re ready to move on, press Return (to save the data and move one cell down) or press Tab (to save the data and move one cell to the right).