Add Tables to Pages Documents - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

In the world of word processing, a table is a grid that holds text or graphics for easy comparison. You can create a custom table layout within Pages with a few simple mouse clicks, although many computer users think of a spreadsheet program like Numbers when they think of a table (probably because of the rows and columns layout used in a spreadsheet).

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the insertion cursor at the location where you want the table to appear.

  2. Click the Table button on the Pages toolbar.

    Pages inserts a simple table and displays the Table Inspector.

By default, Pages creates a table with three rows and three columns, with an extra row for headings at the top. You can change this layout from the Table Inspector — just click in the Body Rows or Body Columns box and type a number.


  1. Click within a cell in the table to enter text. The table cell automatically resizes and “wraps” the text you enter to fit.

    You can paste material from the Clipboard into a table.

  2. To change the borders on a cell, click the cell to select it and then click one of the Cell Border buttons to change the border.

    Select a range of multiple cells in a table by holding down Shift as you click. Hold down Command and click to select multiple cells that aren’t contiguous.

  3. To add a background color (or even fill cells with an image for a background), click the Cell Background pop-up menu and choose a type of background.