How to E-Mail Photos from iPhoto 09 - dummies

How to E-Mail Photos from iPhoto 09

By Mark L. Chambers

iPhoto 09 can help you send your images through e-mail by automating the process. The application can prepare your image and embed it automatically in a new message. To send an image through e-mail, select it and then click the Email button in the toolbar. A dialog appears, allowing you to choose the size of the images and whether you want to include their titles, descriptions, and Places location information as well.

Prepare to send an image through Apple Mail.
Prepare to send an image through Apple Mail.

Keep in mind that most ISP (Internet service provider) e-mail servers don’t accept an e-mail message that’s more than 3MB or 4MB, so watch that Size display. If you’re trying to send a number of images and the size goes over 2MB, you might have to click the Size pop-up menu and choose a smaller size (reducing the image resolution) to get them all embedded in a single message.

When you’re satisfied with the total file size and you’re ready to create your message, click the Compose button. iPhoto automatically launches Apple Mail (or whatever e-mail application you specify) and creates a new message containing the images, ready for you to click Send!