How to Add Slides to a Keynote Presentation

By Mark L. Chambers

Keynote creates a single Title slide when you first create a project, but not many presentations are complete with just a single slide. Snow Leopard provides you with many ways to add slides to your presentation. To add more slides to your project, use one of these methods:

  • Click the New button on the Keynote toolbar.

  • Choose New Slide from the Slide menu.

  • Press Command+Shift+N.

  • Right-click (or Control-click) in the Slides list and choose New Slide from the menu.

    Add new slides or move them around from the Slides list.

    Add new slides or move them around from the Slides list.

Keynote adds the new slide to your Slides list and automatically switches to the new slide in the Layout pane.

Need a slide that’s very similar to an existing slide you’ve already designed? Right-click the existing slide and choose Duplicate to create a new slide just like it. (Consider it cloning without the science.)

To move slides to different positions in the Slides list (and therefore a different order in your Keynote slideshow), drag each slide thumbnail to the desired spot in the list.