How to Access Movie Info in QuickTime on Mac OS X Snow Leopard - dummies

How to Access Movie Info in QuickTime on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

By Mark L. Chambers

Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes QuickTime as its media player. QuickTime contains information about your media files. To see more information about the files that you’re playing, ask the expert: QuickTime Player. To view basic information about a movie, choose Window→Show Movie Inspector or press Command+I. The resulting window displays the following data:


  • Source: Location of the file

  • Format: Compressor and dimensions of the file

  • FPS: Preferred rate of playback in frames per second (fps), shown only for video

  • Playing FPS: Actual rate of playback in fps (available during playback only), shown only for video

  • Data Size: Size of the file

  • Data Rate: Preferred rate of playback (in bytes per second)

  • Current Time: Position of the playback head (in units of time)

  • Current Size: Actual movie dimensions (if you’ve resized the movie since opening the file)

These bits and pieces of information are read-only, meaning you can’t change them from the Movie Inspector window.

If you’d like to share a multimedia file with others from your MobileMe home page on the Web, choose File→Share. After you’ve typed a name and description for your new file, you can optionally click the Allow Movies to be Downloaded check box to let others download the movie from your MobileMe page. Click Publish, and QuickTime automatically takes care of the rest. Slick as a wet toad!