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Microsoft Word Interface Focuses on Text Features

By Faithe Wempen

Microsoft Word differs from the other Office applications primarily in the depth of its text-handling tools. Whereas PowerPoint is all about graphics and Excel is all about numbers, Word is all about — well, words! Almost every tab on the Ribbon in Word has a text focus.

Word’s strongest unique features include

  • A complete set of proofreading tools: You’ll find not only a spelling checker, but also a grammar checker, thesaurus, translation utility, and word counter. All these tools are on the Review tab.

  • Several features for quickly and consistently applying formatting to text: Word offers convenient themes, styles, and style sets. Styles are on the Home tab, and themes are on the Page Layout tab.

  • A style applies to an individual paragraph, or a block of selected text. A theme applies to the entire document.

  • A full-featured Mail Merge utility: Use this feature (found on the Mailings tab) to create customized copies of letters, mailing labels, envelopes, and so on.

  • Collaboration tools: Use these tools when working with other people, such as document sharing, change tracking, document comparison, and commenting. You can access all the collaboration tools from the Review tab.