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For Seniors: How to Use Your Computer’s On-Screen Keyboard Feature

Clicking keys with your mouse may be easier for some people than using a regular keyboard. If you fall into that group, then you’ll want to use your computer’s on-screen keyboard feature.

To use the on-screen keyboard:

  1. Choose Start→Control Panel→Ease of Access category.

    The Ease of Access window appears.

  2. Click the Ease of Access Center link.

    The Ease of Access Center dialog box appears.


  3. Click Start On-Screen Keyboard.

    The on-screen keyboard appears.


  4. Open a document in any application where you can enter text.

    You can then click the keys on the on-screen keyboard to make entries.

  5. To use keystroke combinations (such as Ctrl+Z), click the first key (in this case, Ctrl) and then click the second key (Z).

    You don’t have to hold down the first key as you do with a regular keyboard.

  6. To change settings, click the Options key on the on-screen keyboard, choose an option in the Options dialog box, and click OK.

    You can change settings such as how you select keys (Typing Mode) or the font used to label keys (Font).

    You can set up the Hover typing mode to activate a key after you hover your mouse over it for a predefined period of time (x number of seconds). If you have arthritis or some other condition that makes clicking your mouse difficult, this option can help you enter text. Click the Hover over Keys item in the Options dialog box and use the slider to set how long you have to hover before activating the key.

  7. Click the Close button to stop using the online keyboard.

    The on-screen keyboard closes.