How to Run a PowerPoint Presentation

By Faithe Wempen

The whole point of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is to deliver a show to an audience. If that audience is in the same room with you, you can display your slide show onscreen.

Slide Show view is the view that you use when showing the presentation to others. One slide appears onscreen at a time, completely filling the screen. You may have used this view already — to check your work — while you were creating the presentation.

You can start Slide Show view from the first slide or from the current slide. The following table summarizes the methods of doing each.

Methods of Entering Slide Show View
From First Slide From Current Slide
Shortcut key(s) Press F5 Press Shift+F5
View tab Slide Show→From Beginning Slide Show→From Current Slide
View buttons (bottom right of screen) N/A Slide Show View button

Then, after you’re in Slide Show view, you can show your presentation. Here’s how:

  • Move to the next slide (in any of these ways):

    • Click the mouse.

    • Press any key on the keyboard (except Backspace or the left arrow).

    • Right-click to display a shortcut menu and then choose Next.

  • Move to the previous slide (in any of these ways):

    • Press Backspace or the left arrow on the keyboard.

    • Right-click to display a shortcut menu and choose Previous.

  • Jump to a specific slide:

    • a.Right-click to display a shortcut menu.

    • b.Point to Go to Slide.

    • c.Click the slide you want to display.


  • End the show (in any of these ways):

    • Click through to the end of the slide show (black screen) and then click one more time.

    • Press the Esc key.

    • Right-click to display a shortcut menu and then choose End Show.