How to Open an Existing Document in Office 2010 - dummies

How to Open an Existing Document in Office 2010

By Faithe Wempen

If you don’t save your work in an Office document, workbook, or presentation, whatever you have entered disappears when you close the application or turn off your computer. Saving your work stores it for later use. When “later” comes, you can open the file in a variety of ways.

The steps for saving, opening, and printing data files are almost exactly the same in each application, so mastering it in one program gives you a big head start in the other programs. In this chapter, you’ll see the basic skills that will serve you well for working with data files no matter which program you are using.

In each application, links to the most recently used files appear on the File menu, on the Recent list. Click the File button and then click the Recent category; then click any recently used file to quickly reopen it.


As you open and save more files, the list of recently used files changes. If you want to make sure that a particular file remains on the list, click the pushpin icon to its right.

If the file you want to open doesn’t appear on the Recent list, click the Open command (File→Open) to display the Open dialog box. From there, you can select the file you want and then click Open.


If you want to open a file in a different location than the default folder, you can change to different storage locations in the Open dialog box the same way you do in the Save As dialog box.