How to Move or Resize PowerPoint Slide Content - dummies

How to Move or Resize PowerPoint Slide Content

By Faithe Wempen

Each placeholder box on a Microsoft PowerPoint slide is a separate object that you can move or resize freely. To resize a placeholder box, select it and then drag a selection handle.

A selection handle is a circle or square on the border of the box. Each box has eight selection handles: one in each corner, and one on each side. (The green circle handle at the top of the selected box rotates it when dragged.) To maintain the height-width proportion for the box — its aspect ratio — hold down the Shift key while you drag one of the corner selection handles.


To move a placeholder box, position the mouse pointer over the border of the box, but not over a selection handle. The mouse pointer changes to a four-headed arrow. Click and drag the box to a new location.

If you resize the placeholder(s) on a slide and then apply a different layout or design to the slide, everything snaps back to the default size and location. So make sure that you have the right layout and design chosen before you spend a lot of time resizing or moving placeholders.

If you want to move or resize a certain placeholder on every slide in your presentation, do so from Slide Master view. That way, you can make the change to the layout’s template, and the change is applied automatically to every slide that uses that layout.