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For Seniors: How to Move Around in an Office 2010 Document

By Faithe Wempen

As you add information in one of the Office 2010 applications, you may have so much content that you can’t see it all onscreen at once. You may need to move around by scrolling through the document to view different parts of it.

The simplest way to move around is by using the scroll bars with your mouse:

  • In Excel, a vertical (up and down) and a horizontal (left to right) scroll bar are always available.

  • In Word and PowerPoint, the vertical scroll bar is always available. The horizontal scroll bar disappears if there is no undisplayed text from side-to-side.

You can use a scroll bar in several ways:

  • Click the arrow at the end of a scroll bar to scroll the display slowly in the direction of the arrow (a small amount each time you click).

  • Drag the box in the scroll bar to scroll quickly.

  • Click in the empty space on the bar to one side or the other of the scroll box to move one screenful at a time in that direction.


The size of the scroll box (the blank rectangle you drag in the scroll bar) indicates how much content you can’t see at the moment. For example, if the scroll box occupies most of the scroll bar, it means that there isn’t much undisplayed content. In a very large spreadsheet, the scroll box might be very small.