How to Copy a Computer File or Folder - dummies

How to Copy a Computer File or Folder

By Mark Justice Hinton

You can copy a file or folder (or groups of files or folders at the same time) to another location on your computer. When you do, the original file or folder stays in the same location, but a duplicate of it is copied to the location you indicate.

  1. In Windows Explorer, select the file, folder, or groups of files and folders you’d like to copy.

    You can select multiple files or folders in several ways:

    • Click the first file or folder you want to select, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click each additional file or folder you want. The selected files are highlighted, and the details pane displays the number of selected items. To unselect one of the selected files, click that file a second time. After selecting all your files, release the Ctrl key.


    • Click an empty part of the content area in Windows Explorer, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the mouse pointer towards the files you want to select. A selection box appears on-screen. Any file or folder that you touch with that selection box becomes selected. You don’t have to surround a file with the box — just touch it.


    • To select all files inside a folder, open that folder by double-clicking its icon and then press Ctrl+A or choose Organize→Select All.

  2. After selecting multiple files or folders by any method, right-click any of the selected items.

    A context menu appears.

  3. Choose Copy.

    The file or folder is copied. If you selected multiple files or folders, all are copied.