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How to Choose a Version of Windows for Your Computer

Choosing your new computer’s operating system (software that runs all the programs and organizes data on your computer) will be one of your first decisions. The current version of Windows is called Windows 7. Windows 7 comes in three different versions for home and business users.

If you consider yourself primarily a home user, you should consider the Home Premium version of Windows 7.

  • Home Premium includes entertainment tools such as Windows Media Center for playing music and movies. If you want to do more than look at photos, you’ll find that this version of Windows 7 is good at working with design and image manipulation programs, such as Photoshop. Also, if you choose a laptop, be aware that Home Premium includes great features for managing the battery power of your computer.

  • Windows 7 Professional is great for small businesses or if you work from home. This version of Windows has ultimate security features.

  • Windows 7 Ultimate provides everything that Professional provides, plus a few more bells and whistles for protecting your computer from thieves with BitLocker and handling languages other than English.

Before Windows 7, there was Windows Vista, and before that, Windows XP. Many people still use computers that run Vista or XP and get along just fine. However, Windows XP doesn’t come with as many security tools. If you decide to use Windows XP, find a friend or family member who’s knowledgeable about computers and can help you use XP features or other software programs that will help keep your computer secure. Note that if you’re using Vista or XP, some of the steps for common tasks are different than they are if you use Windows 7.