How to Choose a File or Folder View in Windows Explorer - dummies

How to Choose a File or Folder View in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is a program you can use to find a file or folder by navigating through an outline of folders and subfolders. It’s a great way to view files on your computer, and you can even adjust how the files and folders are displayed.

To choose a file or folder view in Windows Explorer:

  1. Right-click the Start menu button and choose Open Windows Explorer, or click the Windows Explorer button on the taskbar

    The Windows Explorer button looks like a set of folders. The Windows Explorer window appears.


  2. Double-click a folder in the main window or in the list along the left side to open the folder.

    The folder’s contents are displayed.

  3. To see different perspectives and information about files in Windows Explorer, click the arrow on the Views button.

    The View button looks like a series of columns.

  4. Choose the menu option that matches how you’d like the files to appear.

    Your choices include Extra Large Icons, Large Icons, Medium Icons, or Small Icons for graphical displays; Details to show details such as Date Modified and Size; Tiles to show the file/folder name, type, and size; and Content to display the date modified and file size only.