How to Adjust Animation on a PowerPoint Slide - dummies

How to Adjust Animation on a PowerPoint Slide

By Faithe Wempen

After setting up animation on a Mircosoft PowerPoint slide, you can set up your own custom animation effects from scratch. This adjustment is where the real power of custom animation comes into play!

Follow these steps to create your own custom animation for an object:

  1. Select the object.

  2. Choose Animations→Add Animation.

  3. Select the effect you want.

    You can create entrance, emphasis, or exit effects.

    For access to additional choices, select More Entrance Effects, More Emphasis Effects, or More Exit Effects on the menu and select from the Change Entrance Effect dialog box.


  4. Fine-tune the effect as needed with the other tools on the Animations tab.

    You can adjust the Start, Duration, and Delay. You can adjust the Trigger, to set the animation to occur on click of some other object on the slide. You can also Reorder, to change the order in which items are animated on the slide.

    To copy the animation from one object to another, set up one object the way you want it and then choose Animation→Animation Painter and click the object to receive the animation settings.

  5. Choose Animations→Animation Pane.

    The Animation pane, a task pane from which you can see and manage all animations on the slide, appears.

  6. Right-click an animation event on the Animation Pane and then use either the Effect Options or Timing commands to further fine-tune.

    The Effect Options command opens a dialog box where you can choose whether sound will occur with the animation and how the object will appear after the animation has finished.


    The Timing command opens a dialog box where you can set the start, duration, delay, triggers, and other timing-related settings.

When the Custom Animation task pane is displayed, numbers appear on the objects on the slide to tell what order their effects will execute in. You can control the order in which objects animate by using the Re-Order up- and down-arrow buttons at the bottom of the task pane or the Move Earlier and Move Later buttons on the Animations tab.