Refer to a Previous Version of an Evernote Note - dummies

Refer to a Previous Version of an Evernote Note

By David E. Y. Sarna

If you’re a Premium or Business subscriber to Evernote, you can check out an older version of a note. Open the current version of that note and then follow these steps:

An Evernote note with all of its previously saved versions.

1Choose Note→Note History.

Evernote retrieves the previously saved version of your note.

2Click the version of the note you want to open.

The note’s content appears in a preview box.

If you already know the version you want, click the Import link to the right of the filename and skip to Step 5.

Depending on how old your note is and how many times you’ve changed it, you may have several versions to choose among, represented by the dates and times when the file was saved.

All the versions of a note organized by date.

3Switch to a new version of the note by choosing a new date from the drop-down menu at the top of the preview box or by clicking the Older and Newer links on either side of the drop-down menu.

The note’s content appears in a preview box.

4When you find the note you’re looking for, copy the content to the clipboard to paste it elsewhere, or click the Import link in the preview box.

Clicking the Import button downloads the note and places that selected version of the note in a new local notebook called Import Note Name.

5If you clicked the Import link, a dialog box appears, asking whether you want to place the note in a synchronized notebook.

Clicking Yes makes your newly imported note accessible from any device on which you use Evernote. Clicking No keeps the note on the device on which you downloaded the note.

6If you copied the content to paste elsewhere, click the blue X in the preview box on the top right of the note to close the note.

You’re taken back to the Note History window, where you can select a different version of the note to view or import, or click the red Exit X on the top left of the dialog box to close it.

If you want to go back to an earlier update but have updated content that you don’t want to lose, as a safety precaution, copy the content of the target note and paste it into a new note. This option saves your newest version and keeps the old one.