Install Evernote on Macintosh Computers - dummies

Install Evernote on Macintosh Computers

By David E. Y. Sarna

You can install Evernote on Macintosh desktop and laptop computers. On most devices, for Premium and Business users, offline access is supported from the local copy of your notebooks when a network connection isn’t available; notebooks are synchronized when you get back online.

  1. Click the Mac link in your welcome note from Evernote or navigate to Evernote.

    The evernote home screen on safari.

    Evernote recognizes your computer platform and offers you Evernote for Mac.

  2. Click Download for Mac.

    The Mac download page appears and the application downloads automatically. If a problem occurs, click the Click Here link. The license agreement appears.

    The Evernote Mac download page.

  3. Click Agree.

  4. Drag the Evernote icon into the Applications folder.

  5. Close the Installation window.

  6. In the Applications folder, double-click the Evernote icon.

    A message warns you that Evernote was downloaded from the Internet and asks whether you’re sure you want to open it.

  7. Click Open.

    Evernote opens.

  8. If you see the Welcome to Evernote screen, type your username and password.

  9. (Optional) If you like, select the Stay Signed In check box.

  10. Click Sign In.

    You’ve installed Evernote on your Mac.