How to Use the Kindle with Evernote - dummies

How to Use the Kindle with Evernote

By David E. Y. Sarna

E-readers such as the Kindle and Nook are lightweight and optimized for book reading. They’re very popular and can interface with Evernote. Although the Kindle and Evernote are a match made in heaven, no one remembered to tell the designers. As a result, depending on your Kindle, getting information from the device into Evernote on your PC or Mac can be a bit of a challenge.

Kindle doesn’t directly support copying and pasting into Evernote. A free service, Clippings Converter, lets you easily pull quotes and text from your Kindle and save them to Evernote as notes.

Have you ever been reading a book or a newspaper on your Kindle and wanted to clip a few words to refer to later? You can do that by using Clippings Converter.

For detailed information on creating clippings on your Kindle, see the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Clippings Converter website.

After you sign up for an account on the Clippings Converter site, this free site lets you publish your clippings as notes to Evernote after you have authorized Clippings Converter to access your Evernote account.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Select the text you want to highlight on your Kindle. Pick Add a Note or Highlight from the menu that pops up on your screen.

    The clipping you highlighted is saved in a file called My Clipping.txt that is accessible from your computer. You can also see the note or highlighted text by tapping the top of the screen and selecting Go To. Then tap the Notes tab from the drop-down box that appears.

  2. Access the My Clipping.txt file by connecting your Kindle to your computer via the supplied USB cable.

    Click Open in response to the invitation to open the device, and look for a directory named documents. Or if you are using a Mac, open your Finder and select the Kindle option under the Devices heading.

  3. Copy the My Clippings.txt file to your computer’s desktop.

  4. First ensure that you are logged into your Clippings Converter account and then navigate to Click the import button at the top to upload the My Clippings.txt file you saved in Step 1.

    A window opens to prompt you to select the source of your upload. Click the Click to Upload button in the bottom right.

  5. Choose the My Clippings.txt file that you copied to your desktop.

    Your clippings have now been imported into your my Clippings account.

  6. While still on your my Clippings home page, select Export then Evernote from the drop-down menu on the top right. Click Start Export.

    Your clippings have now been exported to your Evernote account.

You can review your clippings later, search for words or terms you clipped, and transfer the My Clippings.txt file to your computer. This clipping technique is a great way to capture your favorite quotations to share with others.